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Canapé Company

0278CANAPE  or  027 822 6273

Lisa Locke 027 475 3999




$12.50 per person  5 selections 

$15.00 per person 6 selections

$17.50 per person 7 selections

$20.00 per person 8 selections

$22.50 per person 9 selections  

We love creating special canapés for your themed parties and events so don't hestitate to ask us to design a menu for you.

Minimum order for canapés is for 12 people unless a special arrangement has been made. Please submit an enquiry form giving your date and requirements if numbers are less than 12 and we will be in touch to confirm our availability. We offer this canapé menu from 3pm unless a special arrangement is made with us.

We would also love to arrange your beverages for your function. Let us know your budget and we will provide some wonderful selections for you to choose from.

All food is delivered chilled for food safety reasons.

Napkins and platters are included.

$15.00 delivery / pick up fee for CBD.

All prices are GST exclusive

Please note that the return of unrinsed dishes will incur a $10 cleaning fee.

Order online below or download the menus on this page as PDFs right here: 

Canapé style menu

Key for this menu

  • gf = Gluten free
  • h =  Requires heating
  • c =  Requires a chef onsite
  • w = Warm this item may be served either hot warm or cold
  • p = Market price please enquire 

We can also supply your beverages on sale and return basis along with Jugs of freshly squeezed Orange juice and other non alcoholic beverages. We set these up for you.

Please refer to our wine list on this page. Please note that we do our best to keep this up to date but there are times when we may not be able to supply the wine you select, in which case we will find another equally good replacement.

Freshly squeezed Orange juice $10.00 per 2 litres

Tropical passionfruit mango pineapple and lime cocktail $15.00 per 3 litres

Cranberry pineapple passionfruit & lime mocktail $15.00 per 3 litres

Sparkling Elderflower with lime and mint $10.00 per 3 litres

Our delicious Canapés are delivered chilled for food safety reasons unless otherwise specified. All items with (h) require heating. If delivered they will come with instructions but if you have our staff on hand everything will be taken care of for you.