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Check out an updated page on our Sustainability & fulfilment practices here!

Canape Company is committed to using sustainable ingredients that are produced in an environmentally conscious way. manner. We choose locally produced products which are in season to reduce our carbon footprint & food miles. We partner with suppliers that share the same ethos to food production.

This is why we prefer free range eggs, free range meat and poultry and why we don't plan menus with endangered species of seafood such as whitebait and tuna. Instead we choose farmed salmon and other replenishable fish species.  Canape Company staff take great delight in foraging, bringing in herbs, edibles and flowers to use for garnish from their own gardens. We also have a great partnership with Shoots Microgreens NZ so all our extra beautiful edibles we like to use

We are committed to producing delicious plant based vegetarian and vegan menu choices. We take special dietary requirements very seriously and are dedicated to produce safe and delicious food. Whether it be gluten free, dairy free, Halal, Kosha, egg and nut free diet

We feed our worm farms from the scraps collected from the production kitchen & use the compost created to grow our herbs and garnishes

We reduce waste by choosing products with minimal packaging. We are a paperless office and work from digital screens.  We save power by using energy efficient appliances and turning off lights and equipment when not in use.

We reuse glass and porcelain bowls along with our platters instead of disposables. We choose to use resealable containers instead of cling wrap.

Contributing to our local community is a large part of our philosophy. This includes taking unused food to shelters, donating our food and services for fundraisers and donating money to causes that improve our community.

We believe that if everyone just puts in a little effort,  it will help our environment enormously.

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