Careers at Canapé

Canape Company strives to be the best catering company in Wellington. We nail bespoke events for clients big or small. Our incredible team delivers the highest level of service and the tastiest food in the city.

Read about working at Canapé and apply below.


It's Who We Are

The Canape Team are obsessed with flavour, naturally inquisitive & knowledgeable about: new suppliers, chefs & the food world. We push to constantly be delivering new food to our clients & whanau.



We continually push for our clients to have the best experience possible.
Every mouth should leave their event feeling satisfied, inspired and excited about food.


Heck We Are

We are all about knowing what our clients and the public want before they have to search for it online. We are the ultimate party planners. 


Goals and Ethics

We strive to be Wellington's best catering company with outstanding service and the tastiest food in the city. Along the way we are committed to producing food in an environmentally conscious manner, choosing local free range ingredients when possible and incorporating plant based power into at least half of our menus.

Our Sustainability Statement

Professional Development

We grow our team in the areas they want to learn. We're all about our A-players becoming better leaders and better people. We are excited to work with 'The Hospitality Company'  to catapult our team's growth. If you want to start your journey in understanding the great game of business then get in touch.

Open Book Management

We take the hospitality business seriously. The whole team is involved in the critical numbers of the business. Everyone gets a perspective of how the business is rolling - rain or shine. When targets are met bonuses are paid to absolutely everyone working in the business on a pro rata basis.