Engaging with Sustainability & Fulfilling our Community
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Engaging with Sustainability & Fulfilling our Community

One of our core values is that we are "driven by impact". That doesn't just mean leaving stomachs satisfied, but also by the impact we have as a business on our space around us.

So, what do we do and how do we do it?

Seasonable - Small - Sensible

The process starts right at the beginning. Our menus are designed to be low waste and heavily revolve around what is in season and delicious in Wellington. When curating a menu for a client, we are confident that we are providing a low food waste option. We are sensible in procurement of produce and materials. Whether that's a carrot, a fish, or a wooden fork.

Worms - Wrap - Wizardry

The food waste we do have goes in a few directions. One, all odds and ends are fed to the pets out the back - our wee worm farm. This farm is ever growing. Two, toppers of vegetables are used to create epic garnish. We have all sorts of secrets (read witchcraft) that we do here. Three, we try and use as little wrap as possible for internal chaffing dishes, containers. We have re-useable containers that are handily stackable.

The 50:50 Principle

We strive for 50% of all of our menus to be plant-based. That means that every single "Chef's Choice" menu will have at least 50% of it made from healthy vegetables, plant-based proteins & goodness.

The other half? Ethically sourced gorgeous meals.

Feeding (Y)our Community

Every now and then we do get it wrong, and we use these opportunities to feed the community around us the left over kai. Where it is safe to do so, we send platters around to our neighbours: Wellington Free Ambulance & the Thorndon Fire Station. Also, excess will always be taken out to Wellington City Mission.

Always Moving

We are honest with ourselves that making changes as a business sometimes takes time. Whilst we know we aren't perfect, we know that we are heading in the right direction. Our goal is to limit our plastic waste, reduce our already very low waste, and focus on getting produce & product from local suppliers.





It's Who We Are

The Canape Team are obsessed with flavour, naturally inquisitive & knowledgeable about: new suppliers, chefs & the food world. We push to constantly be delivering new food to our clients & whanau.





We continually push for our clients to have the best experience possible.
Every mouth should leave their event feeling satisfied, inspired and excited about food.




Heck We Are

We are all about knowing what our clients and the public want before they have to search for it online. We are the ultimate party planners. 




Working With The Wellington Community

Having been on the Wellington scene for ten years, we have had the opportunity to watch movements grow, talent flourish & creativity inspire hundreds within the Wellington community. We love being a part of events as a sponsor, and would love to talk to you about it if you think that perhaps this sounds like you. Big or small, we love to show our support. This area of fulfilment is particularly important to our team.

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