A little bite spooky...
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A little bite spooky...

To be fair, it may be our favourite time of year. What? Better than Christmas? Yes! Halloween has been a staple week for Canapé Company since it's inception. Lisa's kids were in primary school and hungry for some sweets. Thus the whacky Halloween canapés were born.

We would love to share with you and your kids some freaky little recipes to play with. As always, tag us in your photos so we can see what you're up to @canapecompany.


An epic graveyard scene!

On mass these little tombstones look pretty funky. 


What you'll need...
Pastry cases
Yummy bean or mince mix (you'll know what the kids like!). 

How it all works...
Prehat the oven to 180 degrees
Wash & peel your potatoes.
Steam or boil until just cooked so that the gravestone retains it's form
Slice into 0.5cm thick slices and again about 3cms wide (any little offcuts can be fried off as yummy little crunchy bits for your kitchen hand to tuck into whilst assembling.
Scallop the top of the potato peice to round it out - you're looking for a gravestone-esque top.
* You could use a toothpick here to engrave a little RIP into the potato *
Whack in the oven for 20 minutes until lightly browned

Make your mince or bean mix up ready to fill your cases. 
To assemble, fill the case with earth... I mean mince. Then insert one of your gravestones into the case. Sometimes a little squirt of watties may help to act as glue to hold it in place. It doubles as creepy little touch of blood too. 
To finish, place some microgreens in front of the tombstone to give it that realistic touch. 


Freaky black jelly!
Fantastic little toppers to have with Sunday night icecream (will they even need it after the sweets!?). For this little topper, you will need some spooky cookie cutters. Think ghosts, bats, castles... pirates? witches? Think outside the box!

If you can find black jelly in the local supermarket you're in luck! But you can always add some black food colouring to the jelly mix. 

Follow the packet instructions to make your jelly. Before setting, pour into the moulds and pop in the fridge. Ta-da! A really easy spooky topper. 

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