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About Canapé Company

Canape Company is known as the couture of Wellington’s canape & finger food caterers, creating beautiful canapes that not only taste sensational, but are also works of art.

We are known for our design flair that comes with each dish as well as exquisitely balanced flavours & textures, all of which are delivered with incomparable service and skill. 

At a Canape Company catered event, every mouthful is a taste sensation, you can literally taste the passion & creativity that’s gone into each dish. 

Whether we are creating private events for clients in their homes, or collaborating with corporate clients, our dedicated team are passionate about delivering and exceeding your expectations to make your event a memorable one…. Welcome to Canape Company

Our Expertise

As experts in our field, our talents lie not only in our creativity but in our attention to detail. Our team of talented and dedicated staff ensure we deliver every aspect of your event with excellence.

We offer a bespoke experience for our guests; whether it’s a Canape Company twist on a classic or delivering something that is outside of the box, we believe it’s the extra details that everyone remembers.

Our team of chefs, led by our amazing and talented Director of Delicious Lisa Locke, create exquisite dishes for your guests. We like to think of our relationships between the chefs, the event team and you as a collaboration. We will work with you, using our exceptional knowledge of food design, your venue and combine it with our innovative ideas, whether its a simple drop off to your venue, or a fully staffed event.  This is how you create perfection.


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