Our Sharing Plates Menus (let us do the heavy lifting!)
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Our Sharing Plates Menus (let us do the heavy lifting!)

Last Christmas, we experimented with a different style of service & eating! Instead of giving our lovely clients a choice of two set menus, we launched our "Sharing Plates Menu," delivering a modern dining experience usually reserved for restaurants. 

And we've got to say... it was an absolute success! With four different sizes and a variety of options to choose from, you can design the perfect meal to fit your event! Everything can be found right here.

Chefs Choice (previously known as our Partners Lunch)

$30.00 per person (includes 1 small plate, 3 medium plates, 1 large plate)


$40.00  per head (includes 2 small plates, 3 medium plates, 1 large plate)


$60.00 per head (includes 3 small plates, 4 medium plates, 2 large plates)


$80.00 per head (includes 4 small plates, 5 medium plates, 3 large plates)

Please note that all prices are excluding GST. We also have hireware and a friendly staff team where needed. Where necessary as supply dictates we may need to slightly change your ingredients to the closest option available


Want to experience our Sharing Plates for yourself? Picture this..... 

*Ding dong*... A Canape girl is at the door. Collecting was just not an option this afternoon. In her stack of red crates is the easiest (yet most delicious) dinner for you and your guests. You've got the book club around, and the schedule was just looking a bit too tight to cook tonight. 

As she unloads the beautiful pates into your pantry & fridge; she gives a simple lowdown, before handing you perfect serving & reheating instructions and a menu. 


The girls arrive and grab a glass of champagne before helping themselves to the small plates you've popped on the island. Tonight you're serving up some stunning Sashimi and then some Watermelon & Feta skewers with a pink peppercorn dressing. For your 'sometimes-vegan' guests you've gone for some beautiful Tofu larb on lettuce cup wraps with peanuts, shallots and sesame. & finally some sizzling Arancini which you've quickly banged in the oven before serving it on the platter garnished ready to go... don't forget the chipotle aioli.


After chatting about "books" for an hour or so, it's ready to get down to dinner. Whilst tittle-tattling away you've popped the Caramel ginger glazed pork belly in the oven as per ultra-simple instructions. The other large plate you've opted for is the Bang bang chicken salad - which you've drizzled the dressing over. The Pork Belly is popped into the dish that Canape has handily supplied with the beautiful garnish ready to pour atop.


The salads from the medium plates menu are on the table ready to go. Tonight you've gone for the kumara & roasted sweetcorn salad with jalapeno dressing, roasted peppers, tomato & tahini, and finally the stunning fresh greek salad. The lucky last plate is the gorgeous hot smoked salmon with it's fresh dill & cucumber pickle. You're using your own plates & cutlery tonight - but you can't help missing the gold knife and fork from last time...


For some reason you've stopped talking about "books"... and it's now a culinary conference. 


Now, this scenario is not specific to the book club. Our Sharing Plates are designed to work anywhere.... your office, to take up north with you in a chilly bag, your wedding, the Canape Room... the list really does go on and on!

So, what dinner guest are you? 

Apologies if any hunger was caused in this read. See more plates here!


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