our Chef's Choice Menu is updated daily

Let us do the work for you! Simply leave it to our Chef's Choice option where our chefs will create the perfect balanced menu based on other orders for the day & what's in season. A wide variety of delicious items, aimed at our corporate clients, but suitable for any event. It's sustainable, delicious, and a surprise - what more could you want!?

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Partner's Lunch  (Tuesday 11 December)
~ Chicken Mirabella - apicot, olives & capers (DF, no ginger)
~ Orange & Fennel salad - mung beans, mint, red onion, mint
~ Potato Salad - dill, chives & capers
~ Pumpkin puree - pea, mint, asparagus
~ Topped with Miso & Oyster mushrooms
~ Mini Christmas Sweet Selection including something Apricot doughnuts & Xmas pies


~ Pear and blue cheese tarts (vegetarian)
~ Potato rostis, 2 ways: oyster mushroom (vegan, gluten free) / chicken, asparagus, and tarragon (gluten free)
~ Yorkshire puddings with beef filet, horseradish, blue cheese, and pear chips
~ Steamed buns, 2 ways: whisky beef and onion / red thai chicken curry
~ Fish spoons, 2 ways: snapper ceviche (gluten free) / sesame coated snapper (gluten free)

~ Polenta squares with lamb, pea puree, mint, and feta (gluten free) 

~ Bagels
~ Mini Croissants
~ Mushroom crepes
~ Hashbrowns
~ Muesli/fruit/Chai pots

Thursday 23 November

Morning  tea
~ Coffee cakes, bliss ball, Anzac biscuit selection
~ Scones, muffins, madeleines
~ Skewers - Caprese or Rockmelon & Prosciutto

~ Rolls: Hoisin Chicken or Christmas Ham 
~ Salad: Thai Green Curry Rice salad
~ Fruit selection
~ Slice selection incl Citrus & Cranberry
~ Savoury item: Frittata

Afternoon tea
~ Selection of Clubs & Roll-ups
~ Lavosh - Halloumi & Asparagus
~ Doughnuts, Cream Puffs, and Biscotti selection