Covering canapés - what's our vision?
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Covering canapés - what's our vision?

Growing strong on the 10 year mark as a small but damn significant Wellington business, we are getting engrossed in the great game of business. Lisa started this wonderful ride on the 1st of November 2011 and since then we have worked with fantastic women & men from both Wellington and beyond in 3 different kitchens (one being her family home!). As the business evolves and transcends, our core values have become clearer. 

Putting in the mahi to nail those down in writing has been an absolute joy over the past few months. We would absolutely love to share our vision & values with you. As of course you play an enormous part in our business as our fans & supporters. 

The Canape values...

Natural Born Foodies! The Canape team are obsessed with flavour; naturally inquisitive and knowledgeable about new supplier, chefs, and the food world. We use to constantly delivering new food to our clients.

Driven by impact! We continually push for our clients to have the best experience possible. Every mouth should leave their event feeling satisfied, inspired, and excited about food. 

Ahead of the industry! We are all about knowing what our clients and the public want before they have to search it online. We are the ultimate event planners.

Our Vision... on a platter

Canape company is an aspirational brand that evokes the finest quality food that looks and tastes delicious. It is modern, sustainable, healthy & creative. 

We are catering for both corporate & private functions, offering a service that exceeds customer expectations. 

The talented team is creative, productive & engaged. All staff have a clear understanding of our identity, systems, operations and what their role is in the organisation - the movement!

We are industry leaders in our use of new technology to improve our systems and operations.

All of this is a push forward in to 2021 to thrive in the wake of Covid. We are so excited to share with you more about our business. Our inspiration comes from the hungry mouths we feed, and we in turn want to get everyone excited about the business of Hospitality. 


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