Deck the halls with a little bite fancy...
Canapé Company

Deck the halls with a little bite fancy...

It's November! Just like that, this extraordinary year has whizzed right past... 

... and we are booking up!  

Canape Company has refined our Christmas menus this year - providing both a cocktail party menu & a gorgeous buffet style menu. 

Our glorious buffet menu starts with canapés to be handed around to your guests: Cherry tomato & balsamic onion tart tartins (v) / Lamb, pea, mint & feta Yorkshire puddings / Miso eggplant Fritters with pickled daikon, ginger, & sesame (g/f, vegan) / Selection of Green & Red chicken curries and Kasundi Vegetable Rotis 

The main course, served as either sharing plates down the table or as a buffet, has two options: 

Menu A... 

Champagne Glazed Ham on the bone with all the usual accompaniments 

Beef cooked with orange & star anise served on roasted kumara and black turtle beans (g/f, d/f) [Served hot] 

Miso Sesame Chicken with pickled ginger topped with crispy vermicelli  

Black Rice & Edamame salad with ginger, currants & a sesame dressing (vegan) 

Or, Menu B… 

Champagne Glazed Ham on the bone with all the usual accompaniments 

Lemon Mustard Chicken with olives, almonds, and fresh oregano 

Sliced Roasted Leg of Lamb with artichoke almond salsa [Served Cold] 

Herbed Roast Potatoes 

Of course if you would like to swap a main for a vegetarian option we have a Vegan Jungle Curry Salad (vegan, g/f)! 

Both of the menus come with... A Red Salad of pumpkin, beetroot, roasted red onion, capsicum, honey carrot, walnut & crispy parsnip (vegan) & A Green Salad of asparagus, zucchini ribbons, leaves, mint & preserved lemon dressing (vegan) + House Baked Rolls 

To Finish off, we've kept it simple, but glam this year, creating a winter wonderland of various delicious treats! 

Black Forest Chocolate Cake 

Raspberry Friands (g/f) 

Classic Christmas Mince Pies 

Cranberry & pistachio biscotti (d/f) 

Chocolate mint truffles (g/f) 


We also have the stunning cocktail menu which comes in three sizes - Mini (5 choices) Medium (8 choices) & The Works (all 11!) 

Parmesan polenta topped with roast lamb, mint & a feta whip, topped with dukkah & pomegranate (g/f) 

Turkey leek & tarragon rillette with cranberry chutney on crostini * 

Horseradish blinis with with buttered beetroot & gin cured salmon 

Mini Yorkshire puddings with lamb, pea, mint, feta, & home-made lemon balm * 

Miso Eggplant Fritters with pickled radish, ginger & seaweed (g/f / vegan) 

Caprese skewers of cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, basil & pesto oil (g/f / vege) 

A selection of Red & Green Chicken curries on Roti ** 

Pita breads with beetroot & peanut hummus, eggplant, vegan tzatziki & pomegranate (vegan) 

and hot options of: 

Prawn & Pineapple skewers with a South Asian coconut dressing, kewpie & thai basil 

Christmas arancini with roasted capsicum, lemon, smoked paprika and a mozzarella centre, served with chipotle aioli (vege) 

Christmas beef burger with mustard fruits Hot Turkey Pie with relish

If any of this is looking like a bit of you, please flick us a website enquiry, or alternatively pick up the phone and let's get chatting... ho ho ho!

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