Faux Oyster Canape
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Faux Oyster Canape

The team at the Canape Company, a boutique Wellington caterer are passionate about creating amazing finger food that not only looks sensational, but also delivers on flavour.  With that in mind we don’t see why the growing number of people following special diets should lose out. Gone are the days of only the occasional guest presenting themselves as vegan on an RSVP. These days you can expect enough people with special diets attending an event that it deserves the same care and attention to the food as all the other guests. There’s no vegan discrimination here!


Once upon a time (and sadly it still happens elsewhere), vegans would find the offering available to them at parties and corporate events meant being served salad sandwiches, a piece of fruit, some crudités & dip, or if they were really lucky a tofu skewer.

With the focus on plant-based eating ever growing, we are working towards making at least 20% of our mainstream menu vegan. Yes you read that right. We believe we are one of the few Wellington caterers with such a focus on vegan food.

A great example of our commitment to exciting and forward-thinking vegan finger food is our new Faux Vegan Oyster canapes. Now before you scream at the screen you are reading this from, we know oysters are not vegan. But, the Oyster leaf plant (Mertensia Maritima) certainly is. It’s a beautiful plant with lustrous blue leaves that taste just like oysters. Both the leaves and the tiny blue flowers are edible. We source our plants from local Wellington business Shoots Microgreens NZ. King oyster mushrooms, set in a miso jelly made with vegan friendly agar agar, and Oyster plant micro leaves are presented on a ceramic spoon. We launched this new exciting canapes at the City Gallery in Wellington, and it was met with excitement.  

Some other examples of our vegan menu items available are

  • Sesame Ginger Carrot Peking Pancakes
  • Miso Eggplant Fritters with Pickled Radish Salad and crispy vermicelli
  • Mexican Bean Tostada Baskets with Jackfruit Salsa
  • Pumpkin Satay, Beetroot & Buckwheat Sliders
  • Tropical Mango & Coconut Yoghurt Pannacotta with Fresh Mint
  • Toasted Almond, Date & Orange Rice Bubble Balls

Or how about your entire menu written especially for you. Our Little Bite Fancy service allows you to give us a brief and we will create a bespoke menu just for you that fits the occasion.

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