Tequila butter prawns to open your Christmas feast
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Tequila butter prawns to open your Christmas feast

We're really hitting the deck in the final couple of months of the year. Parties & events are forever increasing as our clients get jollier and jollier with the knowledge that the sun is just around the corner. And it is fantastic! 

Yes, we love cooking for you all but we also really want to share with you some of our joy that goes into the cook. Consider it an early Christmas present perhaps? 

Tequila isn't your bog standard Christmas drink we know, but Eggnog really doesn't have a summery ring to it does it? Hot, full, flavoursome buttery prawns though... cooked off in a wee bit of Jose Cuervo seems a lot more appealing. So let's get into it shall we!


Tostada Baskets

These are the base to the meal and a secret little piece of the canapé company's arsenal. Use this secret well. These can be created from mini muffin trays (best) or large muffin trays (almost as good).



Rice Bran (or other vegetable) Oil


Preheat the oven to 170c

Get a cookie cutter the same size as your muffin tray cups

Stack 3/4 wraps on top of one another before cutting through the wraps with the cutter. Try not to waste the space between the circles (save the extra bits)

Squirt oil all over the bench/tray and coat your circles in the oil. Sopping is good. 

Place inside each of the tray cups and push gently in the middle. 

Whack in the oven for 6-8 minutes until crisp & golden. Dry on a rack.

What do do with the extra bits of the wrap? Blitz: Breadcrumbs / Shred and cover in oil, s&p & garlic and bake: Crunchy taco topping / Take them to the park: Duck food


Before cooking your prawns off, help yourself out by completing this prep:

Place a little leaf of spinach in the base of each basket. This step is all about protecting, as Mary Berry would say, "soggy bottoms".

Get your toppings ready to roll: toasted sesame seeds, pomegranate & fresh herb of choice (we recommend: dill or micro shoots)


Tequila butter prawns


1 Garlic clove - smashed

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Chilli powder

1/2 tsp Smoked paprika

Lime juice of one lime (reserve some for cooking)

1 tbs of butter

Doz Prawns (adjust for preference)

Bucket of tequila (just kidding, a few splashes will do)


Grab a bowl and add the top five ingredients. 

Add your fresh prawns (or if being naughty please thaw your frozen prawns before) and make sure they're nice and coated

Get your plan incredibly hot and then whack in the butter

Add the prawns after 20 seconds and splash with some more lime juice & a decent slosh of tequila to get it to sizzle

Once cooked through serve immediately on your previously laid out bases. 

Top with your choice of toppings (suggestions above) and plate with pride. 


Share a picture of your Tequila butter prawn canapé on instagram and go in to win a morning tea for four!

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