Welly on a Plate with WorldBrand
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Welly on a Plate with WorldBrand

It's been a delectable month for Wellington as we begin Welly on a Plate. We feel like we had the pick of the bunch catering the gorgeous event at WorldBrand in Wellington. 


Pairing luxury perfumes with traditional cocktails and our elegant canapés, the guests had a truly aromatic experience. An evening of olfactive learning indeed, Benny Castles really took you to Marseille, London, Oman, and beyond. If only this blog post would omit a scent...


We had the pleasure of matching our dishes to J.M.R's delicious pre-bottled cocktails:

The Martini - Gin cured salmon with creme-fraiche, a fennel apple slaw, and lemon balm;

The Negroni - Confit duck, pumpkin souffle, pickle red cabbage... and crispy duck skin;

and The Manhattan - Smoked Venison, cherry gel and burnt orange


Just a small bite of each was enough to truly encompass the senses. We had a wonderful time designing, creating, and serving the perfect dishes for this event. 

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